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No modern business is possible without training. All entrepreneurs who try to raise the qualifications of their staff in the era of labor deficit are perfectly aware of that. Staying ahead of market trends, or at least keeping “up- -to-date” determines how quickly companies grow and take their positions on the market. In our region more than 23 thousand employees have already benefited from trainings financed under the project “Development assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Silesia Voivodeship”. This group also includes Gałuszka, the oldest (founded in 1918) chain of bakeries and confectioneries in Żywiec region.

The photograph shows Anna Bobka-Advent. The woman with blonde hair is elegantly dressed. She’s smiling.

Anna Bobka-Adwent,
Project Coordinator, Branch Director of The Upper Silesian Fund S.A.

Training is a long-term investment that brings measurable business and strategic effects. Only a knowledgeable workforce can keep up with the market changes that have accelerated even further in the era of the pandemic. That is why services with developmental potential enjoy unflagging popularity among Silesian entrepreneurs. For many, it is a chance to train their staff for new tasks and challenges with EU support. Employers can receive up to 80% funding for the course of their choice.

Even during lockdown, entrepreneurs were eager to take advantage of training, using downtime to complement their employees’ skills. While there were initial problems with onsite courses, the training industry quickly adapted to the new reality and began offering online courses. These online courses will certainly stay with us for longer, not only because of the current situation, but because they are simply convenient.

The training offer in the Database of Development Services is growing each year, so entrepreneurs can choose services tailored to their needs. Since the beginning of the project “Development assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Silesia Voivodeship”, we have already signed over 8.5 thousand contracts with entrepreneurs for the amount of 105 million PLN. Almost 6,300 companies benefited from the support.

Entrepreneurs choose various trainings. We continue to see strong interest in development services in the beauty industry. There are constant innovations in this sector that beauty or hair salons need to keep up with in order to retain customers. Trainings are often taken by catering industry staff and representatives of the IT sector. And the interest in driver’s license courses is also equally high.

Sylwia Krębuszewska-Kozieł,
co-owner of Galuszka Bakery-Cakery in Żywiec

I inherited the business from my great-grandfather, who had founded his first bakery in Żywiec in 1918. It was famous for excellent bread and rolls, but also for my great-grandfather’s love of technical innovations, which allowed him to constantly modernize the bakery. I follow this path, trying to improve my and my crew’s skills. Confectionery trends are changing rapidly. If we don’t acquire new knowledge, the competition will take the lead.

Thanks to EU support, twenty of our company’s confectioners and bakers have gained knowledge and new skills in marketing food products derived from long dough fermentation. During the training, we also learned about balancing the percentages of ingredients needed to make diet cakes or ice cream. Although it used to seem impossible, sweets can actually be healthy – you just have to make sure they are made with non-GMO ingredients and are free of gluten or white sugar. These are the kinds of products I’m focused on, but to manufacture them, you have to know how to choose substitute ingredients, what to do to get the texture and, most importantly, the taste right. This, among other things, is what we learned in training.

The effect? We have enriched our offer with healthy and dietary Italian, Spanish and French baked goods. They are very popular among our customers, which proves that today more and more people want to eat healthy food. When developing new recipes, I always try to make sure that taste goes hand in hand with the quality and naturalness of the product. That’s the most important thing!

The photograph shows Sylwia Krębuszewska-Kozieł. The red-haired woman in a white apron is packing a doughnut into a paper bag. There are baked goods behind her back.


The Development Assistance for SMEs in the Silesia Voivodeship
Beneficiary: The Upper Silesian Fund
Project amount: ca. PLN 180 million
ROP SV subsidy: ca. PLN 142.9 million
Implementation period: April 2017 – March 2023